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August 2013

Belated Tasty Thursday: Summer Tomatoes

Is there anything better than tomatoes in the middle of summer? I think not. I wish I could bottle that fresh, juicy crunch. Earlier this week I set out to make something a little more exciting than tomatoes with salt and pepper and came…

August 30, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Adding a Bit of Color

Hello sunshines!  I love to craft. This often means I DIY things that probably would have been cheaper and easier to just buy… But I figure if I put a little blood and sweat into something I’ll appreciate it a bit more every time…

August 27, 2013

What’s for Dinner?

One of my favorite things to do is plan meals for the week!  Mostly because I like to look forward to eating delicious things… I used to actually plan what I would make for dinner for each night, but that just wasn’t flexible enough…

August 26, 2013


Compartir means “to share” in Spanish. I love the way it sounds, but, even more so, what it means. While Luke and I were in Spain last year, we went to a restaurant by the name where everything was, you guessed it, to share.…

August 26, 2013