Must Read Cookbooks (and Regular Books too!)

April 1, 2016
Cookbooks are so pretty aren’t they?  They make the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, they make great coffee table books, oh, and they have delicious things inside of them.  Here are some of my very favorite real food cook books.  These books focus on whole ingredients, minimal processing, and, most importantly, full on flavor.  Some of these are gluten-free or paleo, but not all.  I’m going for an 80/20 kind of life (though it’s more like 60/40 if you’ve seen my Instagram lately haha), so these cookbooks are all ones I crack open often when I’m looking for inspiration!
The Very Best
Drumroll please….

From the magazine people! An encyclopedia of yum.



Not a paleo cookbook, but she covers lots of basics like cooking lobster and braising meats! Plus, #ilovechopped



She’s the cutest and the most normal paleo chef ever!



The basics! An essential read for anyone thinking about doing Whole30.



Organized by occasion and holiday, Caroline redoes her favorites (and mine!) as paleo versions!



A James Beard Award winner and an all-around great book with beautiful photography. This is my go-to gift book for someone trying to get into gluten-free lifestyle.


You can click each one for details, but I will tell you that they are all must-haves for a Mostly30 life!
 I’m also an English teacher and looove to read books other than cookbooks, though admittedly, not often enough.  Here are my other faves right now!

How did I just now read this book? It was particularly interesting given the political climate and our need for instant gratification.



Just started this one by the author of Devil in the White City, and I love the way he weaves storytelling into first-hand historical accounts.



This self-help for the buddhist wannabe book talks about finding balance and peace when you still have to get up and go to work everyday.



This book runs parallel to Ender’s Game, and for a self-proclaimed non-sci-fi-lover, I thought it was amazing. I literally couldn’t stop reading.



I went on an Audible streak earlier this year and listened to all of the funny lady books (Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey…), and they were all hilarious. I love that the author reads to you because, for these ladies, that pumps up the funny about a million times. All that said, Tina’s was the best one 🙂

What’s on your reading list?  Next up for me is All the Light We Cannot See, which I still haven’t read, and Nightingale, on recommendation from a bestie.  After that, I’ll need some new stories to dig into!

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