What’s in my Carry-on: Favorite Travel Snacks

April 8, 2016


This weekend, I’m off to Chicago for a FAB bachelorette party!  I can’t wait to see a bestie from my very first year of teaching and celebrate her upcoming nuptials.  Expect some Chi-town pizza updates on Insta 😉 .

Anyway, packing for my trip reminded me that I needed to bring some snackies, so I don’t resort to Crispy M&Ms (my current FAVE junk food) or expensive airport food.  I’m definitely planning on indulging in some pizza (and whatever else looks good and screams Chicago) this weekend, so I’ll try to plan ahead for the meals where I don’t want to splurge.

Now, true confessions time, if you see me on the street, it is totally possible that I have at least two snacks in my purse at any given time.  Homegirl does NOT like to be hungry.  I bring cashews and a piece of fruit to school every. single. day.  And I usually have some things with me on the weekend too!

Here are some of my favorites to bring from home:

  • Cashews, or pecans, or walnuts, or almonds – or a baggie full of all four!
  • Salted roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Dried fruit – watch out for dried cranberries or raisins that usually contain added sugar.  I love the dried mango and dried white peaches from Trader Joe’s!
  • Apples or clementines
  • Kirsten Cavallari’s “salted carmel bites” – just food process dried dates and pink Himalayan salt (or kosher salt) and roll into little one-inch balls. I used dried figs instead of dates and they were still delish!
  • Plantain chips (they’re only missing guacamole!)
  • Almond butter packets
  • Raw veggies, like broccoli and carrots

My favorites to pick up along the road include all of the above when they’re available, plus:

  • Popcorn without crazy added ingredients (try Boom Chicka Pop!)
  • Mixed nuts (and honey roasted cashews if I’m feeling *crazy* ha)
  • Beef jerky – meh, actually not my favorite and usually has added sugar.  I think I might like this more if I made my own!
  • Bananas – I feel like every gas station sells bananas, right?  where’s the love for other fruits??
  • Hummus and pretzel packs
  • Trail mix – maybe without the candy this time…I’ll look for one with as few unrecognizable ingredients as possible!

I’m sure there are some I’ve missed!  What are your favorite snacks to take on the road??

Have a great weekend everyone!

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